The Assembly Line

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The Assembly Line


The Assembly Line was invented by Henry Ford in 1913. Ford's goal was to make cars that were more affordable and accessible to all of society. He achieved this goal by drastically lowering production time. Ford began assembling cars using his new method, the assembly line.

The assembly line is a basic but genius manufacturing process where parts are assembled to a product as it moves around a factory. The product is sent from one station to the next until it is fully assembled. Because Ford owned an automobile factory, the assembly line was first used in the manufacturing of vehicles, specifically the Model T. It broke down the complex and time consuming process into many small, quick tasks. As the vehicle was dragged through the factory, workers would add one or two parts until the final assembly was produced.

The assembly line made the manufacturing of many things, especially vehicles, much faster and easier. Ford was finally able to drop the price of his Model T's because the amount of labour he had to pay for dramatically decreased.  The assembly line also reduced the work day while the wages remained since the same amount of product was being produced in a shorter time.

The assembly line is the main method of manufacturing in today's industry. It allows for quick and efficient mass production of anything that is built using interchangeable parts. Everything from cars, toys, electronics, even food is produced using this method. The assembly lines remains one of the greatest inventions in the manufacturing world to date.

Henry Ford


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