The Assassination of President Lincoln

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The Assassination of President Lincoln

At Garrett's farm the police came up with a plan to light the barn on fire with Booth inside it, but as it was happening Boston Corbett decided to shoot Booth through the neck

Booth and Herold first stop was at the Surrartt Boarding House to stop and get the supplies they have saved from Mary Surrartt

As the assassination was going on Booths partner Lewis Powell attempted to kill secretary of state William Seward but failed

Booth and Herold later meet up with Tom Jones who gives them advice to get rid of the evidence (horses) who then takes them across the river to John Garrett Farm

On 1865 at Fords Theatre President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth

After the assassination, Booth cross the bridge meeting up with his partner David Herold to help him escape quickly

Booth and Herold next stop was at Dr. Samuel Mudd's farm for food, sleep and so Booth can get his broken leg fixed. later Dr.Mudd saw solider looking for them and didin't tell them where they were, but does tell Booth to leave

On April 3rd John Wilkes Booth started planning the assassination of President Lincoln and all his partners

The 12 day journey of the crimnial boothBy: Billy Suter

Chasing lincoln's Killerby:James L. Swanson


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