The ask and the answer

by TyBoeck
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Language Arts

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The ask and the answer

The picture above represents the battle between the ask and the answer. They keep fighting for control of the town and the settlers.

This is what i believe the Spackel look like. The Spackel end up attacking at the end of the book because the Mayor killed some of there kind. The Spackel are the native species of the new world.

The A on the right is similar to what the Answer used when they where bombing the town they would use it to show who it was

The picture above is important to the story because through out the book people keep calling him a boy which makes him angery and he only ends up hurting himself.

The Ask and the Answer

This picture shows that if you love something or someone enough it is your best strength. Violet and Todd figured this out while fighting the mayor. It gave them the power to defeat him.

Poster made by Tyler BoeckMade on June 6, 2013

By Patrick Ness



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