The Artic Region and the Polar Bear

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The Artic Region and the Polar Bear

The Arctic Region and The Polar Bear

Arctic RegionCovers most of Earth's northern polemade up of glaciers and tundracomplex food web due to extreme conditionsContains indigenous people

Polar BearsWhite/yellow fur allows to sneak up on preymodified body structure to allow for warmthsmall liter sizesfood: two types of seal rely on icePolar bears use sea ice for platform hunting, mating, traveling and summer refuge

Global WarmingSea ice is decreasing causing:home range to be alteredmore energy consumptionreduced den areasless access prey = decrease populationmore swimming = more drowning

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Preserving Polar BearsPreserving their habitat--find areas to preserveWorking with governments, industries and individuals to cut global greenhouse gasesWork with industries to prevent oil and gas threatsSupporting research

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