The Art of Leonardo da Vinci

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The Art of Leonardo da Vinci

The Last Supper

Renaissance Man

The Mona Lisa is one of the best known pieces of art in the world. It was painted in 1503 by Da Vinci and currently resides in The Louvre in Paris.

The Art of Leonardo da Vinci

The Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 and wasn't recovered until two years later in the false bottom of a wooden trunk in a hotel room.

Modern day Impact


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Da Vinci was an extreamly paranoid person and was constantly afraid of people stealing his ideas so he came up with a system that would prohibit that. When he wrote down his ideas, he would write the letters backward so you could only read them if you put them up to a mirror.

Mirror Writing

The Last Supper depicts Jesus telling his diciples that he has been betrayed prior to his crucifixtion.

Lady with an Ermine

Da Vinci was a exceptional artistwhen it came to light exposure. Using technology, a scientist was able to pull backlayers of paint to reveal the painting process.

Human Anatomy

Da Vinci's interest in the human anatomy led to impressively realisticsketches of the human body, but how did he get his information? Leonardo would sometimes go to the graveyard at night and dig up corpses. Da Vinci's main mission was to find the hiding place of the soul.

Early Life

Da Vinci was an illegimate child, which means a child born out of marriage. His mother died while he was young and his father married four more times during his life. Leonardo was often ignored by his father and spent mostof his time with his uncle Francesco. His uncle was a farmer so Leonardo would have spent most of his time in the out doors.This way of life would have contributed to his interest in thenatural world.

At age 14, Leonardo's father sent him to bean apprentice to the artist Verrocchio.He studiedunder Verrocchio until he surpassed his masters skills.

The Apprentice

The Medici Family

The Medici family was a powerful, politicaldynasty back in the rennaissance. The Pazziwas another powerful family that wanted toreplace the Medici's as rulers of Florence. They tried to assasinate one of the members of the Medici dynasty and caused a violent rivalry.



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