The Art of Faberge Eggs

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The Art of Faberge Eggs

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-"I Can" Create Art to Learn about History and Traditions."I Can" Identify and Name the Sources for Artmaking.-"I Can" Experiment with Art Materials by Using Them in Unexpected and Creative Ways to Express Ideas and Convey Meaning.-"I Can" Share Ideas and Beliefs about Art.

Let's Learn AboutFaberge Eggs

Fun Facts:Fifty eggs were made, only 43 still are known to existThe Hen Egg (shown) contained a tiny diamond and replica crown with a ruby pendant. It has unfortunately disappeared.In March of 2014 a scrap dealer purchased some gold for $8,000 thinking he was going to sell the gold at market value. The scrap gold contained a missing Faberge egg worth $33 million dollars. The first eggs made for the Romanov family were sold for $2,000 to $4,000 dollars.

Faberge Eggs were a series of jeweled eggs created by Carl Faberge for the Russian Imperial family between 1885 and 1916. Tsar Alexander III asked Mr. Faberge to design him an egg for his wife for their 20th anniversary. The Hen Egg is made of solid gold with a precious shell opening to reveal a gold yolk and a hen that opens and a small diamond crown. His wife was so happy that for 32 years, Tsar Alexander III dreamed up designs to give his wife each year to celebrate Easter.

Rule #1Each egg must be unique and contain something intricate!

The first Imperial Egg created by Faberge in 1885

Make me some more eggs Carl!

Creative Thinking


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Let's Create!

Tsars Alexander III

Tsarevich Faberge Egg


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