The Arrival

by Malms
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Language Arts

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The Arrival

Based on Alternative Book Report #11

The Arrival by Shaun Tan

DaughterObviously thinking about her father, this young girl, like her mother, would also be open to distractions, perhaps not least of those would be her worries about starting a new life in a new culture. Being young is difficult enough and finding a place in a new country that speaks a new languageis a frightening prospect.

Father After leaving his wife and child behind in their native countrythis father puts all his effort into finding a job so he can send money home to his family and bring them to live with him. Basedon the mail he sends and receives, he takes his role as a caretakerseriously and it would be a priority in his daily life.

MotherAfter being left behind by her husband with the goal of finding a better life for the family, this woman continues to care for her child and spends a significant amount of time worrying for her husband. Preparing for the family's new life would be a priority for her and would also serve as a distraction from her worries.

Aurther A. Levine Books, 2007



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