The Armenia Genocide

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The Armenia Genocide

Targeted by: social realigon and classProperty and assests: Confiscated when Armenians went on death marchsTragerted groups: not seperated from sociaty they went on death marches or were political prisoners.Killing: not transported by soliders forced to march the dessert and killed out right. Stage 7: ExterminationHow killed: Starvation, dehydration, hanging, crucifixation, shooting, forced labor, rape, sucide, diease, burning, gased, poisened, and raids.Primary killing locations: Desert, death marches,public locations, and outside villages.How bodies disposed of: Most were left to rot, some were dumped into a river, others were dumped into the ocean.Why did killing stop: Ottoman's lost the war, the young Turks fled. Stage 8: DenialHow being denied: Biased research, faked documents, public speechs, made up numbers, killing all who call it a genocide in Turkey, and arresting people for insulting "Turkishness" when talking about their genocide.Main denier: Modern TurkeyWhy are they denying it: They don't want their leader to be convicted of mass murder.

Stage 2: SymbolizationSymbols used: Non belivers in islam,rich, an educated.Why: turks wanted to glorify Turkish peasentry

Stage 3: DehumanizationHow Dehumanized: Armenians seen as disloyal, seen as not the same as Turks, and they have different beliefs.specific terms: Ararat, Non islamic, and Armenian scum.Information spread by: Refugees of war, survivers of death marches, and hiding Armenians.

The Armenian Genocide

By Sean and Lauran

Stage 5: PolarizationActions to induce polarization:Kill all intelecals first, have local turks drive out local Armenians, and have death squads in villages.

Main Groups: Educated, Social status, and Loyalty.Group Targeted: ArmeniansWhy: The Armenians ancient homeland stood in the Ottoman Empire's eastward expansion, they also felt the Amernians were inferior. Perpetrators: Kurds, Young Turks, and the Ottoman Empire.

Stage 1: Classification

Stage 6: Preperation

Stage 4 Organization

Organization: Minimal, they didn't plan on a single way of killing the Armenians, they did however keep it away form the capital.Methods of training: The Turks trained with the German army in order to carry out genocide.

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