The Arctic

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The Arctic

-south of The Arctic has lowlands -the lowlands in The Arctic has flat land and small, rounded hills -it has lakes and rivers -The Arctic has weird land formations called pingonspingons are rounded hills found in The Arctic-North of The Arctic has mountains,glaciers, plains, and islands -the Northern islands in The Arctic are joined by sea ice -South and North of The Arctic has permafrost

The Arctic

Where is The Arctic?

this video will show you some of The Arctic's beautiful sites and tourist attractions like there animals, mountains etc


-In July the tempertaure is 5'C and 15'C-in this region there are some days in the middle of summer where the sun doesn't set-The Arctic has less than 300mm of rain and snow each year-the winters are long and cold-in January the temperature is -20'C and -35'C-there are some days when the sun doesn't rise in winterThe Arctic has this weather b/c1: its far from the equator2: its in the far north3:its very dry4:its mostly frozen all year

-sometimes The Arctic is called "tundra b/c of the plants that grow on it-it's too cold for large trees to grow in The Arctic-there are many different small plants that grow on the ground -dwarf shrubs,sedges,lichens, heath and flowering plants grow in the South-stony lichens, heath and small flowering plants also grow in the North


The Arctic has many rocky hills and is mostly covered in snow and ice

Jobs The Arctic has many jobs just like ours, they have jobs like accounting, engineering,teaching etc.- more popular jobs are oil shipping and construction jobs

- The Arctic is located north of the tree line- Most of The Arctic is north of The Arctic Circle - It's north of all the other geographical regions in Canada- Near the Arctic ocean

Tree line:on mountains and in northern areas, trees cannot grow beyond a certain point b/c of cold temperatures.



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