The Arctic Ocean

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The Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean is a vast expanse of water that houses many specices of wildlife, such as blue whales, polar bears and seals . It is located in the Northern Hemisphere. Due to global warming Arctic sea ice remains below average. There are three kinds of ice in the Arctic Ocean: pack ice, polar ice, and fast ice.Fact 1: the Arctic Ocean covers about 5,427,000 square miles, almost the size of Russia.Fact 2: It is the smallest and shallowest of the worlds five major oceans.

map of the ocean

ice * sunlight * water * rocks ocean currents

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The ARctic Ocean

biotic factors

abiotic factors

CLIMATEThe Arctic Ocean has a polar climate characterized by cold temperatures. Annual temperature ranges are relatively small. Winters are characterized by the cold polar night. During this time, temperatures remain fairly stable and clear. Summers are characterized by continuous daylight called “midnight sun. During this time, the climate is foggy and wet, with rain and snow. The temperature of the surface of the Arctic Ocean stays fairly constant near the freezing point of seawater, which is 28.8 °F.Over much of the Arctic, precipitation amounts are low. Some areas are called polar deserts and receive as little precipitation as the Sahara desert.


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