The Arctic and Arctic Ocean

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The Arctic and Arctic Ocean

The Arctic ocean is cold and most of it freezes in the winter because of the cold weather. It freezes about 2-3m because the Arctic Ocean is cold and vast. The Arctic's temprature in winter can be minus 68 degrees celcius. January and Febuary can be minus 34 degrees celcius and the summer is mild. On the ground there is permafrost because of the cold weather.

The Arctic and Arctic Ocean

The Arctic ocean is located North close to the Arctic. The Arctic Ocean is also near Nunavut, Northwest Territorries and yukon. Since the Arctic Ocean is in the north, so is the Arctic. WaterThe purpose of water in the Arctic Ocean is important because if their was no water, there would be no fish and no water for people to drink. People who live in the Arctic, can mine natural resources under the Arctic Ocean.

In the Tundra (which is in the Arctic) there are plants that grow like: small bushes, grasses, dwarf trees, sedges, masses and lichens. They grow on a thin layer of soil which is on the perrmafrost. Herbivores (plant eaters) eat these plants to survive. Vast areas of the tundra holds these plants so they are able to grow. AnimalsThere are many species of fish and there are lots of mammals in the Arctic ocean. The mammals include: whales, seals and walrus's that live in the Arctic Ocean. Mammals are

warm blooded and have fur or skin. Some animals in the Arctic are: Arctic Hare, Lemming, Caribou, Arctic Fox, polar Bears and Arctic wolves. Arctic Hare and Lemming are small animals but Caribou's are big. The rest of the animals are predators for other animals. These animals are important to the envoirmnent because they help to keep the food chain and foood web.




Food Chain

One producer in this habitat is grasses because they make their own food from the sun. A primary Consumer can be a lemming because it eats the grass to get its energy. The Secondary Consumer can be the Arctic Fox because now it eats the Lemming to get its energy. The top predator is the polar bear because it eats the Arctic fox.

Food Web:1- The sun2- Grasses3- Lemming4- Arctic Fox


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