The Arabians

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The Arabians

The Modern Arabian

Author: Lael Louw

The Arabians

Name: Lael Louw Date: 2013 Dec 17th

The Godolphin Arabian

The Arabic Arabian

Title: The Arabian Horses

The Arabic Arabians

The Godolphin Arabian

Modern Arabs are bred for their outstanding looks and graceful features as well as their strong spirits and willing attitudes.

These early Arabians where bred for their magnificent endurance, speed and athletic abilities. They were hardy, strong and fast!

The Godolphin Arabian was one of the fastest horses who ever lived and is the father to the modern Throroughbred Race Horse! Godolphin lived through the years 1724-1753, which means he died at a good age of 29.

Most Beautiful

The Modern Arabian


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