[2015] Erichka Reyes (New Language Arts): The Aqua Lung

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[2015] Erichka Reyes (New Language Arts): The Aqua Lung

The Aqua Lungby Erichka Reyes

Jacques- Yves Cousteau

Biography of Inventor:My inventor is Jacques-Yves Cousteau.Cousteau was born on June 11, 1910.The place that Cousteau was born was in St.- Andre- de - Cubzac in France.Couteau loved the ocean since he was little. He enjoyed taking pictures and making movies. In 1930, Coustea joined the Navy. While he was on the Navy he invented the Waterproof cover for cameras's. Cousteau decided to get out of the Navy. Cousteau married a girl named Simone Melchior in 1937. Cousteau met Emile Gagnan. Emile Gagnon was a French engineer that helped him make the Aqua Lung. Thats when he ivented the Aqua Lung in 1943. Sadly he died on June 25,1997 of a heart attack. He was 87 years old when he died.

Descripition of the Aqua Lung: The Aqua Lung is an invention that helps people breathe underwater, so people can stay loger underwater and to explore new things. The Aqua Lung was invented in 1943. Since then there's been innovations like CG45(Scuba). The Aqua Lung helps people like scientistics, military people, movie makers, oceanographers, and many more.

Why is this Invention important?This invention is important because Cousteau wanted to show people that they could live and work on the ocean floor. Another reason why it's important is because it was the first modern Scuba System. It has changed people's lives by letting them spend more time exploring underwater. Alot of people have benefited from this invention. For expample, oceanographers, the military, movie makers, ad tourists have alll benefited from the Aqua Lung.


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