The Appalachian Region

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The Appalachian Region

The provinces included in this region are:Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the eastern part of Quebec.

These pictures represent the climate in the Appalachian region.

Here are pictures of the landforms in this region.


The Appalachian Region

LandformsThe landforms in the Appalachian region include mountains,hills, plains and valleys. This region is unique for its plains of rich soil and ancient mountains. Long ago, there used to be glaciers, but they melted down and left soil. On the islands of the Appalachian region, the agriculture industry grew because of the flat land and the fertile soil. This region also has ancient land, jagged mountains, rocky cliffs, sweeping plains, rocky uplands, temperate lowlands and frigid tundra. With lakes, rivers and other bodies of water.

The climate in the Appalachian region has moderate temperatures in some areas, so, it is not too hot and not too cold.The temperature in winter varies between -10*C and 15*C, but in the summer it is between 15*C and 24*C. Also, precipitation is very common in this region. There can be heavy precipitation near the coasts but lighter precipitation inland. The types of precipitation that happens in this region includes, rain, snow and fog. There can also be bad storms in the Appalachian region too.


Here is a picture of Newfoundland.

This is the flag of Prince Edward Island.

In this picture, the New Brunswick landforms are shown.


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