The Apache

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The Apache

Political SystemLike in the United States, every band chose their own leader (voted). But, unlike us they never had a chief(president) of all the Apache.

Gender Roles..Women made the basic needs of clothing and huts called wickiups. They made ramada(a shady place for cooking sewing, and child care). The men hunted and fought in war.............................................................................................................................

The History of the Apache

MarriageWhen a man married a woman, he went to live with his wife's band. A man had to provide for all of his wife's family. A man could have several wives, but he would have to provide for all of them

RaidsThe Apache raided regulary. They raided ranches, small towns, and wagon trains. They took whatever they could use. Raiding parties were small; Only 4-8 men.

CrimeThere was little crime within the bands. Anyone who killed a member of his/her band was taken to the victim's family. The family then passed sentence. The most popular sentences wre beatings and even death. But the worst was being asked to leave the band. Life alone was unbearable for an Apache.

ReligionYsun(life giver) was the most important god. Ysun sent Gahns(mountain spirits) to teach the Apache how to live. The di-yins had charms and powers. These people could cure the sick and tell the future. The Apache were afraid of ghosts. They did not speak the names of the dead and all property belonging to them was burned. The number 4 was lucky for an Apache; doing things four times was part of everyday life.

Cultural PracticeHair was cut only 4 times in a boy's life. When the boy was 16, he took a test. If he passed, he was considered a man.At age 13 girls were given a 4-day feast. During the feast, the girl was believed to have special powers. After the feast was over, she could marry.

WarIn war, the Apache men fought to the death. They showed mercy to men with courage, but cowards were killed in horrible ways. One of the Apache war heros was Geronimo.

ValuesThe Apache valued crops and animals the most. They grew corn, squash, melons, and chili peppers. But otters, badgers, and mountain lions were killed only for their skins

GeronimoGeronimo was one of the greatest Apache war heros. He was born in June of 1829 and died on February 19, 1909 at the age of 79. He fought against Mexico and led the Apache resistance when when the United States took the Apache land. He was a prisoner of war when he surrendered to the Americans. Geronimo tragically died when he was thrown off his horse and lie in the cold until a friend found him extremly ill. He lie in his deathbed as he spoke his last words to his nephew, " I shouldn't have surrendered. I should have fought until I was the last man alive."



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