The Apache Native Americans

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The Apache Native Americans

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-Apache were primarily hunters whose source of food was buffalo, especially after the arrival of horses to assist them, but they also hunted deer, elk, turkey, fox and other animals.-The Apache were some of the first to tame, ride, and use horses.-Apache live in dwellings called Wickiups. These shelters were made of grasses and readily available materials that could be found on the plains.-The Apache were known for their elaborate beadwork in which they used shells, glass, and turquoise. Both Apache men and women wore shell jewelry.

The Apache were nomadic native americans who relied almost entirly on hunting and gathering.They inhabited the Southwest desert area including Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and even the northern tip of Mexico with a small but very separate band of Plains Apache residing in parts of Oklahoma. They have been portrayed as a hostile people though there were periods of peaceful cohabitation between the Apache people and other peoples.


The Apache Native Americans...By: Brooke Tyler


Storytelling is very important to the Apache Indian culture. Since they were not governed by any set of laws or rules and there were no jails for poor behavior, the Apache relied on passing down a code of conduct orally, from one generation to the next.


The expression "Bury the hatchet" comes from a 1749 peace ceremony with the Spaniards in which Apache chiefs buried a hatchet to symbolize the end of the fighting between them.


More Facts

Infamos Apache Leader GeronimoNo other eppisode of the indian wars cost the US more than the struggle against Geronimo and his followers. Between 1861 and 1871 the US government lost over 38 million dollars and over a thousand men trying to capture Geronimo and his followers.



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