The Annexation of Hawaii

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The Annexation of Hawaii

The Boyonet Constitution In 1886, the U.S wanted to take control of Pearl Harbor to use it as a naval base, but the king of Hawaii, King Kalakaua, refused. This is when a group of Americans formed a secret Hawaiian League. The members wanted to overthrow the king and convince the U.S to annex Hawaii for economic profit purposes. The members forced the king to sign The Bayonet Constition at gunpoint. This Constition limited the King's power and limited the rights of Hawaiian people to be in political office.

A lot of people wanted Hawaii to be annexed, especially Americans. Hawaii was seen as a good way to increase economic profit. On the other hand, Hawaiians did not want to be annexed so much because they wanted control of their government and they wanted to protect their cultural heritage. There was a lot of conflict between this because white business men wanted favorable trade conditions, when the native Hawaiians wanted control over their islands. Eventually some of the conflicts were resolved, and to this day, movements are still going on to keep the Hawaiian native cultures alive.

Why did the U.S. want to annex Hawaii?More land equals more power and imperialism. That is exactly what the U.S wanted. After the Spanish-American War, the U.S wanted a place of their own in the Pacific that they could control. They also wanted a place to possess naval bases. Annexing Hawaii seemed like a perfect option for the U.S since they wanted to increase their power and imperialism.

The Annexation of Hawaii

After the Queen left, the Dole government wanted to annex Hawaii, so they started a petition. President Grover Cleveland was not happy with the illegality of the revolution that happeneded so he tried to disband the Dole government. Sanford Dole would not leave, and Cleveland did not want to go into war. Liliuokalani was not able to restore her throne, but Cleveland still did not want to annex Hawaii, so in 1898, President McKinley annexed Hawaii. Hawaii was officially a U.S. territory in 1900, and stayed a territory until 1959. That is when Hawaii became the 50th state.

In 1891, Hawaii got a new queen, Queen Liliukalani. When the members of the Hawaiian League found out, they protested. They wanted to overthrow the Queen since it went against The Bayonet Constition. The Hawaiian League gathered some American marines ready to battle so they could install Sanford Dole as the president of the new government, and get rid of the Queen. The Queen did not want to go into battle because she did not want to lose the lives of Hawaiians. Queen Liliukalani renounced the throne.


Queen Liliukalani

The Annexation of Hawaii came with a lot of social, economic, and politcal effects. Economically, it gave a lot of jobs, and improved aggricultural growth. Socially, it provided more culture. Most importantly politically for the U.S, it brought a lot of imperialism. It brought more land, therefor giving the U.S. more power. The islands gave more space for military and naval presence. This helped the U.S. stay on top and be a world superpower. It helped the the country extend its power and imperialism.

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