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[2014] teresa04piccirillo: The Animal Kingdoom


The Plant Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom

Teresa Piccirillo

The Six Kingdoms




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The plant kingdom is the second largest kingdom. Plant species range from tiny green mosses to giant trees. Plants are autotrophs, which means they are organisms that make their own food.

Eubacteria are complex and single celled. Most bacteria can be found in this kingdom. Eubacteria is found everywhere and many people are familiar with them, for example, Streptococci are eubacteria that causes strep throat.

Protists include all microscopic organisms that are not bacteria, not animals, not plants, and not fungi. Most protists are unicellular and they are complex cells. The members of the protists kingdom are different from one another.

Archaebacteria are found in extreme environments. They are unicellular (one cell organisms) that live in environments such as hot boiling water, or conditions with no oxygen or acidic environments.

Most fungi are multicellular and consist of complex cells. Mushrooms, mold, and mildew are all examples of organisms in this kingdom. Fungi are not to be confused with plants because fungi are no autotrophs the way plants are.

The animal kingdom is the largest kingdom, with over 1 million known species. All animals are heterotrophs, which are organisms that eat other organisms. Members in the animal kingdom are found in many diverse environments all over the world.


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