The Ancient Mayans

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The Ancient Mayans

Most of the Mayan people were farmers. The main staple of their diet was corn also known as maize. Other things that they grew were beans, squash, avocado pear, avocado, sweet potato, guava, chili peppers, cocoa beans, vanilla beans, papaya and tomatoes. They would also eat fruits from trees. The Mayans had a class system of people, which meant that the people at the top governed over the people at the bottom. At the top were the nobles with the King being the most powerful. The King's power was hereditary which means that the oldest son would become the King when he died. The King appointed the other people. The next most powerful were the priests who helped the king and also lead religious ceremonies. The next level of people was the commoners. Most people were in this commoner category and were farmers. The bottom of the system was the slaves. Slaves were caught during wars or if people broke a law like stealing they would become a slave.


100 - Decline of the Olmecs500 - Tikal becomes the first great Maya city 751- Trade between Maya areas declines and conflict increasesc. 900 - The Classic Period of Maya history ends, with the collapse of the southern lowland cities. Maya cities in the northern Yucatán continue to thrive. 900-Most city- states were abandoned.1200- Northern Maya cities begin to be abandoned.

New ideas for weapons, and human devotion.Their kingdom fought for regional dominance.Levers and stone helped them build monuments in large city- states.CalendarsMathWritng system

Lasting Impact

The ancient Mayans increased technology with calendars and mathematics. Their monuments were made from more advanced levers and stones.They also invented basketball which people now play.


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Ancient Mayans



Mayan Land


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