The Ancient Korean Kingdoms

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The Ancient Korean Kingdoms

Cultural traits and social characteristicsBuddhism was first adopted in 372 BCAgricultural communities based on rice cultivationThey spoke different dialects of korean There were royals houses with considerable powerEnjoyed mild foods and veggies over meat


Map from the Past

The Ancient Korean KingdomsGoguryeo--Paekche--Silla

Current day Map

The golden crown from the ancient kingdom of Silla.

What did they contribute to the worldThe fighting style of Taekwondo Unicameral National Assembly governmentXylographic printingEarliest metal movable typeWorlds oldest star chart

Current Korean Flag

First Korean Flag


Additional Facts

In the flag, the yang (red) represents positivity and the yin (blue) represents negativity. The four symoblos outside of the circle represent heaven, fire, water, and earth.

SummerySeperated from the first korean kingdom, Gochoson, in about the first century were the three well know kingdoms of Koguryo, Silla, and Paekche. Koguryo was defeated in 668 by Silla-Tang forces. Paekche was defeated in 660 by a coalition of Silla and Tang Dynasty. Finally the Unified Silla (formed 676) was taken over in 926 by the "Koryo" (which is a short form of "Koguryo") hence the name Korea. In these kingdoms, Buddahism was the main religion. They had a Unicameral National Assembly government, and spoke differnt dialects of Korean throughout the three kindoms.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Korean Buddah


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