The Ancient Hebrews

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The Ancient Hebrews

•Abraham was to be the “father” of the Hebrew people. He was a shepherd who lived in Mesopotamia. The Book of Genesis tells that God commanded him to move his people to Canaan, and around 1800 BC Abraham, his family, and their herds made their way to Canaan, which God had promised to them. * Most of what we know is contained in the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible called the Torah, and they consider them the most sacred writings in their tradition. Christians respect them as part of the Old Testament. •Hebrews asked Yahweh for protection against enemies. Yahweh looked over the Hebrews not because of ritual ceremonies and sacrifices but because Abraham had promised to obey him. In return, Yahweh had promised to protect him and his descendants.

The Hebrews made a covenant (a promise) with God -- they would forever obey Him, and He would protect their people.

The Ten Commandments. became the basis for civil and religious laws of Judaism. The Hebrew’s believed that these laws formed a new covenant between themselves & God.

Abraham told by God to kill his son. When Abraham was ready to do this, God sent an angel to stop him. It proved that Abraham was still loyal to God.

A Jewish priest

•Hebrews migrated to Egypt because of a drought and threat of a famine. At first they were given places of honor, but then they were forced into slavery. •THE EXODUS was when the Jews fled Egypt around 1300 and 1200 BC. They honor it every year at a festival called the Passover. The Torah says that the man who led the Hebrews out of slavery was Moses. It was told that at the time of Moses’ birth, the pharaoh felt threatened by the number of Hebrews. He thus ordered all male Hebrew babies to be killed. Moses’s mother hid her baby in the reeds along the banks of the Nile. There a princess found and adopted him. Though raised in luxury, he did not forget his Hebrew birth. When Yahweh commanded him to lead the Jews out of Egypt, he obeyed.

The roles of men and women were quite separate in Hebrew society. Women would not officiate at religious ceremonies. Most important duty for a woman was to raise her children and provide moral leadership for them.

A watercolor of Moses separating the water for people to pass.

Ancient Hebrew coin with a musical instrument which was used in the Temple ceremonies during the Hasmonean era.

Notable leaders of the Ancient Hebrews included: Abraham King David King Solomon King Saul Moses

The Ancient Hebrews

The Torah



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