The Ancient Egyptians

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The Ancient Egyptians

The Ancient Egyptians (3500 b.C.-2000 a.D.)

The Egyptian civilization grew up along the Nile River, the longest river in the world at 4135 m or 6670 km. Ancient Egyptians called it the Great River and believed the tears of Isis caused the river to overflow each year. Most of the leaders of Egypt were men called Pharaohs. But, there were three women pharaohs.They had three important periods: The First Intermidiate Period, The Second Intermediate Period and The Third Intermidiate Period.The 1st Intermediate Period is often characterized as chaotic and miserable, with degraded art -- a dark age. The 1st Intermediate period was brought about by a prolonged failure of the annual Nile floods, leading to famine and collapse of the monarchy.The Second Intermediate Period marks a period when Ancient Egypt fell into disarray for a second time, between the end of the Middle Kingdom and the start of the New Kingdom.It is best known as the period when the Hyksos made their appearance in Egypt and whose reign comprised the Fifteenth dynasty.And the third period was one of decline and political instability, marked by division of the state for much of the period and conquest and rule by foreigners. But many aspects of life for ordinary Egyptians changed relatively little.

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One of the most famous queen was Cleopatra VII. Although she was the last of the Egyptian Phaeaohs, Cleopatra was actually descended from Greek origins. She was part of the Ptolemaic dynasty that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great’s conquest.Cleopatra was given power at a young age. At the age of just 14 years old, Cleopatras placed as a deputy to her father,Ptolemy XII.

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•The largest of all pyramids is Giza’s Pyramid of Khufu. It was built in 2560 BC.The weight of this massive structureis as much as eighteen Empire State Buildings.• Egyptian invented glass blowing, sails, locks, the calendar and were one of the first civilizations to produce writing (with papyrus and black ink).•The Egyptians took their fashion seriously. Both men and women wore make up as well as wigs. •The Egyptians had many gods and goddesses. In fact, there were more than 2,000 of them!•The afterlife was incredibly important to the Egyptians. They believed that by preserving a dead person's body - which they did through the process of mummification - their soul would live on in the after-life forever.•Egyptian culture was characterized by the flourishing of the arts and the construction of huge pyramids .

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