[2015] Joanne Amaro (Monday Spring 2015): The Anasazi

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[2015] Joanne Amaro (Monday Spring 2015): The Anasazi

Five Fast Facts on the Anasazi:1. Best known for their homes: pueblos (small towns) built into the cliffs of the surrounding mountains2. They were farmers and hunters/gatherers that used the available resources to survive in the arid desert region3. The American Southwest Style is attributed to this tribe: use of sandstone, colorful and detailed pottery, intricate woven baskets, etc. 4. What we know of the Anasazi is mostly attributed to archealogical finds in the Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado5. The Anasazi vanished in the year 1300! Speculations say that it was due to climate change resulting in scarcity of crops and resources

Want to know more????Check out these websites for more info on the Anasazi!

The Anasazi:The Mystery of the Vanished Tribe

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In Mesa Verde National Park, tourists can actually walk through an Anasazi cliff pueblo!

This is what the Anasazi people could have looked like during AD 1 - 1300

Video taken from Youtube

Who were the Anasazi?The Anasazi, also known as "ancient people", were cliff dwellers who lived in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest during from AD 1 to 1300.

Archaeological digs have unearthed intact ceramics and tools believed to be used by the Anasazi people!

Petroglyphs found near the cliff pueblos of the Anasazi

Want a virtual tour of a cliff pueblo? Watch the video!


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