The American Revolution

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by JosieBertrand
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American History

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The American Revolution

Hessians•The term given to the German soldiers hired by the British•30,000 German troops•Hesse-Cassel, soldiers were a major export•Germany was divided and the part that they were from was Hesse-Cassel. •Renting them cost about 13 years of taxes

George Washington•Born: February 22, 1732, Westmoreland County, , VA•Died: December 14, 1799, Mount Vernon, VA•Height: 6' 2"•Appointed commander of the Continental Army on June 14, 1775.•Had never lead an army before the war•Got married at the age of 26 to Martha

Boston tea party•Sons of liberty lead•Dec. 16, 1773•Angered by the tea act•Dumped 92,000 pounds of tea into the harbor•The men dressed up as natives

Tea act• Passed by Parliament on May 10, 1773• Lead to the Boston tea party, Dec. 16, 1773• They dumped 92,000 pounds of tea.• The final straw for many colonists

Patriots•American people who were tired of British rule•Many were active before 1775•The liberty boys were the patriots of Georgia•A lot of important people in history were patriots•The sons of liberty were one of the first groups of patriots

Olive Branch Petition•July 5,1775•2nd continental congress adopted it•King George the 3 refused to read it•The patriots realized that the parliament was on the king side•This was a peaceful way to tell the king they were unhappy

The Battle of Kettle Creek•Sunday February 14, 1779•One of the most important battles in Georgia•Boyd and his loyalists found some cows by kettle creek and killed them not expecting any danger•Elijah Clarke lead 50 men from the east to surprise attack them•Their plan failed

Elijah Clarke•Lead battle of Kettle Creek•February 14, 1779 •Leader of the Georgian army•Had a county named after him•Poor farmer •From North Carolina

Battle of Bunker Hill•Fought June 5, 1775, during the siege of Boston•Colonist lost•A moral builder for the Americans •The British lost more men•British realized that it would be a long and costly war

Boston Massacre •May 5, 1770•Patriots were protesting•A shot was fired and the soldiers went on the offensive and fired into the crowd•5 people died and 6 were wounded•Helped start the revolution

Stamp act•First internal tax levied directly on American colonists•Imposed a tax on all paper documents•Because Great Britain was in debt•Colonist boycotted and protested it•Repelled the act in 1766

British Army•They all were volunteer soldiers•The families of soldiers came with them•They wore red coats•They were all educated•General Sir Banastre Tarleton is a very well know commander because he was known as "The Most Hated Officer in America."

Declaration of Independence•Written by Thomas Jefferson•July 4, 1776•Adopted by the continental congress•John Adams was a leader in pushing for freedom•56 delegates from each state signed it

The American RevolutionBy: Josie Bertrand

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