The American Revolution

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The American Revolution

The American Revolution

Three Causes Of The American RevolutionBoston Massacre1. Five colonist were killed by british troops. It was said that the colonist taunted the soldiers so in responds the troops fire at them. When the shooting stopped 3 were instantly killed and 11 were wounded. Two of the wounded later on died.Quatering Act2. The British passed the Quartering act which angered the colonist. This act foreced the colonist to house a british if they asked.Stamp Act3. Britain made a act that tax every paper good in thr colonies. This anger the colonist because they had to spend extra money to get supplies.

What did the Enlightenment do?4.The Enlightenment helped in many part of the American Revolution which helps make what United States is today. For example the enlightenment is responsible for our three branches of government. A major event which was influence by the Enlightenment was the signing of the Declaration of Independence

Important People The most important enlightenment thinkers are Locke, Montesquieu, and Voltaire.5. Locke is important because he helps create the first amendment. Locke believe in nature rights of life liberty and property. Pariots supported this because the British government was trying to take away their right.6. Motesquieu is also one of the most important thinkers because he help create the three branches of government. The Pariots also like this idea because they wanted to have a more fair government than the British.7. Last Voltaire is one of the important thinkers because he also help create the first amendment. Voltaire believed in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and separation of church and state. Pariots supported this because the Britain was taking away their rights.

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Important Battles8. One of the four important battles in The Battle of Lexington and Concord. This was important because it marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War.9. Another important battle was the Battle of Bunker Hill. Colonial troops killed 1,000 british troops and only lost about 140 men. This is important because it shows that America was able to withstand against British troops.9. The Siege of Fort Ticonderoga was also a important Battle. Although the battle was a defeat it showed how strong america leadership is.9. Last the Siege of Yorktown was important. This battle is important because it was the last because the U.S captured over 7,000 British remaining troops.

What Ended The Revolutionary War?The Treaty of Paris end the war. The treaty gave land back to both nations and also show the U.S. independence.


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