The American Revolution

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American History

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The American Revolution

The American Revolution

1754 - 1763


French and Indian WarThe war, also known as the Seven Wars in Europe, was a conflict between the American colonists and the French over control over the Ohio Valley.

Stampt ActTaxes were placed on documents and other items. On February 17, the act was passed in order to make a protest to present to the crown.


Boston MassacreOn March 7, 1770, boys threw ice at British soldiers. A mob was drawn by this so 7 soldiers appeared responding for help.



Boston Tea PartyProtests over the Tea Act sparked protests all over the colonies. On December 16, 1773, colonists dressed up as Indians.

ColonistsThe colonists didn't seek their independence for 13 years. From 1763 - 1776. They wanted to remain English citizens so that t hey could enjoy the rights that they had.Also, they wanted to resolve the conflict peacefully, form organized resistance movements and use an economic boycott on English goods.

Reasons for Revolution England levies taxes and forces laws on the colonies. These laws and taxes threaten colonists' rights and power of colonial assemblies.

Intolerable ActsThe British reply to the Boston Tea Party and make the Intorelable Acts. These are lawns known in American history. These laws

The mob attacked the soldiers, so the soldiers fired on the citizens, killing five and wounding others.

They boarded three British ships and dumped 342 chests full of tea into the Antlantic Ocean. The colonists would have to pay, this made a huge impact.

shut down the post of Boston, reorganized government of MA, allowed troops to be quartered in homes and removed trials of royal customs officials to UK.

Colonists decide to pursue a radical course of action after 1776 because England continues to enforce more laws and taxes on colonists.

Growing tensions between England and the North American colonies exist


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