The American Revolution - Phase 1 Activities

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The American Revolution - Phase 1 Activities

Phase 1--Activity 1Use this interactive glog to gain an introductory understanding of the American Revolution

Proclamation of 1763Check out the link to read about the Proclamation of 1763. Find the answers to the following questions:Who was responsible for the drafting/creation of the Proclamation of 1763?What did the Proclamation of 1763 mean?Why do you think the colonists were upset with the Proclamation of 1763? If you were one of the colonists, what would you do?We will discuss the answers in collaborative groups.

DirectionsWelcome colonists! You will first watch a brief movie giving you the "crash course" in the American Revolution. Afterwards, learn about the Proclamation of 1763. Be sure you attend to the questions provided. (use your "dot & jot" notes) Finally, you may check out the game and begin creating your own empire.

Ready for a game break?How IS a new empire built?

Watch this 11 minute "Crash Course" video on the American Revolution.


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