The American Quarter Horse

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The American Quarter Horse

-The American Quarter Horse is used in rodeos, jumping, western events, racing and many more events. -Their are 17 colors that are reconized by the AQHA orginazation. -Can run 440 yards in 21 seconds. -Known for their "cowie" like scene


The Quarter Horse is know for great sprinting speed over short distances;a short, refined head; a strong, well-muscled body, with a broad chest and powerful, hindquarters.


In the 19th century, poineers headed west, need harty, strong,and willing horses.On the great planes they discover horse decendents from the Spanish horses, the Quarter Horse. The Quarter horse help to shape the wild west, and cattle industry.They provided quicker, more efficient transport for cowboys, and the gathering of cows.


The American Quarter Horse


The Last American Cowboy

It is said that the cowboy is one of a kind, that man and beast become One.


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