The American Industrial Revolution

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The American Industrial Revolution

Lowell Mill Girls Francis Cabot Lowell perfected the power loom in the early 19th century. After making a fortune off of it, he builds the town, Lowell, where the workplaces (textile factories), living quarters and businesses were all grouped together.

The girls had their own publication, “Lowell Offering” in which they wrote about work, love, women’s roles and religious reflections… These girls were able to save up money, and return to their families with many more resources than they had left with. This also enabled them to choose whom they wanted to marry, because they no longer had to marry for money.

The American Industrial Revolution

Mr. Lowell hired over 10,000 farm girls to work for him. They left their homes, as early as the age of 12, and came to work in the factories, to earn money for themselves and their families. He hired mainly farm girls because they were used to following orders, hard work and no pay. These girls were expected to work Monday thru Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. with a 45 min. lunch and all lived together, in boarding houses. They were paid $ .47 cents a day plus room and board.



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