The American Crisis

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The American Crisis

Characters-Thomas Paine-George Washington

Author: Thomas Paine

Title: The American Crisis

Main Events-American Revolution-Declaration of Independence-Battle of the major Trenton British defeat

SettingsThis is taking place in New Jersey on December 23, 1776. It is based off of Thomas Paine's arguements about American independence. (American Revolution)They were at war and New York lost against the British troops.

By: Ashley Maccarone

Plot & conflict

Favorite Passages

What do you think about the Book?

The American Revolution was the major conflict that was happening. At the time of 1776 Thomas Paine concluded that we were able to fight for our independence. We were able to defeat other countries for our independence.

It was a good book to read because you learned about many of the arguments that was going on during the American Revolution. I learned that fighting for our indpendence really wasn't a easy task to accomplish.

"A time will shortly arrive, in which by ascertaining the charcters of persons now, we shall be guared againest their mischeifs then." (pg.55)

"A peace which passeth all understanding, indeed, a peace which would be the immediate forunner of a worse ruin than any we have yet thought of." (pg.7)

"Trusting in the divine providnece, and in the justice of my cause, i am firmly resolved to prosecute the war with vigor, and to make every exertion in order to compel our enemies to equitable terms of peace and accomondation." (pg. 115)


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