[2013] Madeline Hoffman: The American Civil War

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[2013] Madeline Hoffman: The American Civil War

The American Civil War

This gory battle between the Union and the Confederacy ended up with 620,000 casualties and millions more injured.


The Civil War starts on April 12

Major Battles of the Civil War-The Battles of Bull Run-The 7 Days Battle-Battle of Shiloh-Battle of Gettysburg-Fort Sumter-Battle of Antietam-Battle of Vicksburg-Battle of Chattanooga

Results of the Civil War-The North (Union) won-Slavery was abolished-The 13th and 15th Amendments were passed

Top 5 Causes of the Civil War1. The social and economic differences of the North and South2. Battle for federal rights3. Fight between states with slaves and without slave4. Abolition Movement grew5. The election of our 16th president: Abraham Lincoln

Confederate-Robert E. Lee-Bloody Bill Anderson-Lewis Armistead-Porter Alexander-P.G.T. Beauregard-Barnard Bee-Braxton Bragg-Jubal Early-Richard Ewell-Nathan Bedford Forrest-AP Hill-John Bell Hood-Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson-Albert Sidney Johnston-Joseph Johnston-James Longstreet-John Mosby-John Pemberton-George Pickett-Kirby Smith-Jeb Stuart

Union-Ulysses S. Grant-Robert Anderson-Nathaniel Banks-John Buford-Ambrose Burnside-Benjamin Butler-Joshua Chamberlain-George Custer-Abner Doubleday-Winfield Scott Hancock-Joseph Hooker-Oliver Howard-Arthur MacArthur-George McCllelan-Irvin McDowell-George Gordon Meade-John Reynolds-William Starke Rosecrans-Philip Sheridan-William Tecumseh Sherman-Daniel Sickles-George Thomas

Fun Facts-66% of deaths were caused by disease-The Gettysburg Address is 269 words long-President Lincoln dreamt of a president's assassination a few days before he was killed by John Wilkes Booth-Robert E. Lee was asked to command Union forces by Lincoln-Colored lenses were used to show disorders/illness *Yellow- syphilis *Blue- insanity *Pink- depression(That is how we got the term, "To see the world through rose-colored glasses.")


Fort Sumter in South Carolina is attacked


Abraham Lincoln proclaims that all slaves in rebelling states are free in the Emancipation Proclamation



In July, the biggest battle in the Western Hemisphere takes place: the Battle of Gettysburg. There are 51,000 casualties

On April 9, General Lee surrenders to Grant

Casualties by Battle

Generals in the Civil War


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