The americans and mexicans issues

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The americans and mexicans issues

The centralist government in mexico announced a law that settlers in Texas were frightened by the law and upset and didn't like how this was going.

The first problem between the Mexican troops and Texan colonists started at Gonzales, 2 weeks before the scheduled start of the conference at Washington-on-the-Brazos.

The Declaration Of Independence was accepted by a agreement vote of the convention and the representatives who were represented to sign the document.March second is celebrated as Texas Independence Day.

The Battle Of San Jacinto had started on morning as Houston's soldiers begun their daily activities. Soon in the afternoon Houston's army were ready for immediate attack while Mexicans weren't even ready and suffered the Battle Of San Jacinto.

After the Battle Of San Jacinto, Santa Anna was forced at Velasco to sign 2 treaties.

The Americans And Mexicans Issues

April 6, 1830

October 2, 1835

March 2, 1836

April 21, 1836

May 14, 1836


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