The Amendments

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The Amendments

How Amendments BeganWhen the Constitution was written, the authors knew their creation was not perfect. They knew that other people would have good ideas for the Constitution. They wanted to be sure that it wasn't too hard to make changes. They also wanted to be sure that it wasn't too easy.Originally, some people did not want to ratify the Constitution. One big reason was that it did not have a bill of rights. A bill of rights is a list of rights that belong to the people. The government is not allowed to break these rights. The original Constitution had no bill of rights. Many of the authors did not think it was needed. But many people wanted one. So, promises were made to add one, using the amendment process.

1) The Constitution was written long ago and as time moves on changes must be made to aquire new technology and innovations.2) The ability to amend the Constitution has been very important in keeping up with a changing and diverse America.

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The Amendments

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