The Amazon River

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The Amazon River

Amazon River Problems Joseph BataglioPeople produce the most pollution in the Amazon River. Since more factories are being built in the Amazon, then more damage will be dealt to the rainforest. One kind of pollution factories produce is water pollution. More trees are being cut down in order to accommodate factories; which creates deforestation. Cutting down trees will increase Co2; which will effect climate change; which will eventually lead to a global warming.

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This is how much deforestation that is wanted undone.

Economy of the Amazon RiverJoseph BataglioThe Amazon River has many resources, such as products produced from plants, like rubber, hardwood, Brazil nuts, rosewood, vegetable oils, jute, and other fibers. Minerals, such as manganese ore, diamonds, and gold are mined and sold. Petroleum is another product that is also being extracted. Fish not only support local markets, but they also are transported to other countries.The main road through the Amazon is the Trans-Amazon highway, which connects to other road systems in other countries up north. All highways connect together with water transportation networks, so goods can go easily in and out through land or boat.

The Amazon River

GEOGRAPHYOF THEAMAZON RIVERThe Amazon River is located in South America. It is also the largest river in the world (by volume), and is the second longest river (after the Nile). It flows through the Andes Mountains in Peru, up to the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon River travels through 6 different countries: Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, and Brazil. People get around on the Amazon by boat. Amazonians also depend on the river for water and food.

Below is the Maggi port on the Amazon.

Above is polluted water-in the Amazon.

This is a map of the Amazon River.

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