The Amazon Horned Frog

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by Lindsaylcs
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The Amazon Horned Frog

Habitat*The Amazon horned frog’s habitat is a rainforest with ponds of water. *Their habitat is all through many places.

The Amazon Horned FrogBy: Lindsay

Physical CharacteristicsOne physical characteristic is the big mouth. The mouth helps eat prey whole. Another physical characteristic is the big eyes. They help the Amazon horned frogs see farther.

Food Amazon horned frogs eat anything they can fit in their mouth such as mice, ants, and insects.

The life cycleThe Amazon horned frog’s life cycle has four steps. First they start as eggs. Next they are tiny tadpoles. Then they become a froglet and finally an adult frog.

PredatorsWhen a predator comes around, the Amazon horned frogs hide in, under, and on leaves so they are not seen or eaten by their predators.

BehaviorsThe Amazon horned frog tadpoles attack others when they just hatch. Adults also hide under leaves to stalk prey.


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