The Amazing rainforest

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The Amazing rainforest

WE ARE THE DESTROYERS OF THE RAINFORESTS People are destroying rainforests every day. Do you know why??? Well, it's because we have to have a jaguar print coat or a feather (a real one, not a fake one) on your hat from a tropical bird. Is it really that important to have a jaguar coat or feather like that-can't you just buy a fake one instead?

FUN FACTDid you know that scientists believe that one species from the rainforest becomes extinct every 15 minutes?

THE CLIMATEIt's hot and steamy in the rainforest all the time! There can be more than 20 feet of rain in the rain forests a YEAR!! It usually rains more than 200 days a year.

PROBLEMS We get many ingredients from the rainforest to make medicine. We also cut down trees to make furniture. Why can't we just use the dead trees???? They all have good wood inside. Well it's because we have to have a black coffee table from that special wood.

HOW MANY ANIMALS DO YOU REALLY KNOW???There are tons of animals that live in the rainforest. I'm about to list a few.1 .Jaguar2. Tiger3. Sugar Glider4. Panda5. Parrot6. Harpy Eagle7. Ants8. Red Eyed Tree Frog9. Poison Dart Frog10. Anaconda11. Capy Bara12. Gorilla13. Ape14. Monkey15. Spider Monkey16. Lemur17.Orangutan18. Butterfly19. Sloth20. Toad21. Howler Monkey22. Golden Lion23. OcelotSo now you know a FEW RAINFOREST ANIMALS. There are millions of rainforest animals out there though. Can you do your research and find out some undiscovered animals ???? If you do happen to find out an undiscovered animal of the rain forest, I'll be on the look out!!

HOW WE CAN HELP? One way is by setting up a "Let's Save The Rainforest Club". You can join a rescue center if there is one in your area. This one might be harder to accomplish but you could talk to your government and encourage them to send money to a rainforest.

FUN FACTRainforests take up 7% of the world but most animals live there.


SUGAR GLIDERSSugar Gliders are about 5-6 inches long when they are full grown. Sugar Gliders are marsupials. A marsupial is an animal that develops in a pouch. Sugar Gliders live in Austrailia. They also live in Indonesia and New Guinea. Sugar Gliders are not endangered but could be if too many trees are cut down.

WHAT'S A RAINFOREST?The rainforest is located all acoss the equator. It is the rainforest that keeps the world together. People think that it is easier to just buy furniture without thinking about the damage that occured to our rainforests. They should think about planting their own tree instead of cutting down one. This is destroying the rainforest everyday. Now do you see how the rainforest holds our world together?




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