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Chemical Elements

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Oxygen is made of 8 protons, 8 neutrons, and 8 electrons. It is also part of the non-metal family in the Periodic Table.

Every living thing either breathes in or out Oxygen. Water is made from oxygen and hydrogen. Without oxygen, human life wouldn't exist.

The Amazing Oxygen Girl!by Morgan Notari

SUPERPOWERS1. Steam Shield- Oxygen combines with hydrogen to make water, or H2O. When water is heated it evaporates to make steam. 2.Defeat hard metals like iron- Oxygen can break down metals like iron by forming iron oxide. Steel wool burns in air with a very bright white light, giving off a large amount of energy. The steel wool changes to a gray color, which is the iron oxide. 3. Invisibility- Oxygen is naturally invisible in its gaseous form. If in a solid or liquid state, the color is pale blue.4. Can Fly- Oxygen can naturally fly in its gaseous form, like any other gas. 5. Can shoot fire from hands- A fire needs 3 things to get it going; heat, fuel, and oxygen. If oxygen teams up with fuel and heat, together they can produce fire.

What is oxygen made up of?

How do humans use oxygen every day?

As the video explains, without oxygen, the oceans would bleed into space, everyones inner eardrumwould explode, and every living cell would explode.

LOGOThe scientific reasoning behind my logo is that oxygen and hydrogen make up water. Water can evaporate in its liquid form.

Why is OxygenSo important?

What would happen ifif we lost oxygen for 5 seconds...


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