The Amazing History

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The Amazing History

The Amazing History of The Mughal Empire

Terkish Muslim Women.

These people were Turkish Muslims, the decendents or Mongols from Central Asia.

The Mughal Empire was East of the Safavid Empire in Northern India.

The empire was created in 1526

The song "Ya Muhammad" means "oh Muhammad"sometime depending on the person sayin Ya Muhammad is considered rude.( depending on the persons belifes)

Babur's Reign Babur could never conquer Rajputana so he over ruled the rest of nothern India.

Akbar's son, Jahangir, ruled the Mughal Empire in peace and prosperity from 1605 until 1627.

Babur also known as "Tiger"

The leaders of this empire's name was Babur also known as Tiger.

Akabar's son Jahangir

The Mughal Empire!

This is known to be the wife of Babur

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The Mughals were known for their monumental works of architecture



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