The Amazing History Of The Buddhism Religion

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The Amazing History Of The Buddhism Religion

The Amazing History of The Buddhism Religion!

Siddhartha Gautama was born around the year 580 BCE in the village of Lumbini in Nepal. He was born into a royal family.

Buddhist temples come in many shapes. Perhaps the best known are the pagodas of China and Japan.

The founder Buddhism is Siddhartha Gautama!

The Head of Buddha

Buddhist worship at home or at a temple. Worshippers may sit on the floor barefoot facing an image of Buddha and chanting.

Buddhism is different from many other faiths because it is not centred on the relationship between humanity and God. Buddhists do not believe in a personal creator God.

Buddha means: Awake.

This map shows how Buddhism spread.

The Buddhism religion has 3 main symbols like most of the religions.

Buddhist kids praying!

Buddha became a monk when he saw the poorness of the village where he lived in!


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