The Amazing Circulatory System

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The Amazing Circulatory System

The AmazingCirculatory System!

The Circulatory System transports oxygen to your cells through veins and arterys. Along with the Red Blood cells (Oxygen), there are White Blood Cells, Platelets, and Plasma. The Platelets and White Blood Cells clot up cuts and potentially stop the bleeding. The White Blood Cells also protect the body from germs or harmful "invaders." Your blood Vessel is made of 55% Plasma. Plasma is a liquad that is made of about 90% Water and the rest dissolved protiens, and is used to make blood sticky and form scabs. The Circulatory system is very important!

There are many ways to keep your Circulatory System healthy and ways to harm it. Dehydration effects your body because your blood is 95% water, so your heart has to work more to produce the needed oxygen. Caffiene is a diuretic , which causes body to get rid of extra fluids, so your heart pumps faster while there is less blood. If you exercise, your heart rate increases and more oxygen is needed, opening new veins. Weight, alcohol, and diet also effect your blood level.

Smoking can damage your lungs and heart! Don't Smoke!

The CIrculatory System Main Parts

Cool Videos on the Circulatory System!

Cool!A heart pumps an average of 5000-6000 quartz of blood a day!Ba-dump!

Extra! Extra!About the Heart!

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Parts of the Heart

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