[2016] Vicki Lu (2016 Year 10 Psychology): The Amazing Brain

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Human Anatomy

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[2016] Vicki Lu (2016 Year 10 Psychology): The Amazing Brain

The Amazing BrainBy Vicki Lu

Parietal Lobe Located at the top of the brain, it controls memory and sensory information such as: *touch *pressure *temperature *muscles movement

Temporal LobeLocated near the bottom it is responsible for making sense of conversations to hear. Auditory information are sent from the ears such as:*Talking*Sounds*Music

Brain StemLocated between thr brain and spinal cord it connects them together. The 3 majors parts are the mid brain, pons and medulla oblongata. It's responsible for:*Breathing *Heart rate *vision *hearing *movement *posture *body movement *sensory analysis

Occipital Lobe*Located at the back of the brain, visual information is sent here directly from the retina*Responsible for making sense of what we see.

Frontal Lobe Located at the front of the left and right hemispheres, ithe largest lobe in the brain controls: * Thinking *Emotional behaviour *Decision Making *Personality *Planning *Speech production *Self awareness *Creativity *Voluntary muscle movement

CerebullumLocated at the bottom back of the brain*Coordination *Balance *Movement

THE AMAZING BRAIN QUIZhttps://www.onlinequizcreator.com/the-brain-and-its-function/quiz-158729

Motor area

Motor cortex

Sensory cortex

Auditory cortex

Visual cortex

BOZEMAN SCIENCE:The Brain Start the video at 10:55


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