The Amazing Airplane

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The Amazing Airplane

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The Amazing Airplane

The plane has greatly impacted many areas such as social, economic, and health. The airplane allowed people to travel over the sea and be able to meet friends and or families easier. Health greatly impacted by the invention of the plane because we can use them to send important ingredients used in medicine to doctors or we can send medicine to remote areas. It also impacted society in economic because planes are used to trade with other businesses.

The airplane is a powered vehicle with fixed wings used to fly in the air. Monoplanes, biplanes, and triplanes are some of the things that make up the airplane.


The Wright brothers made the airplane in December 17, 1903.

Although we could have lived without the airplane, the airplane has enhanced our life. Planes have allowed us to reach destinations quicker and it also allows us to go to hard to reach places, such as mountains. The airplane isn’t only used for transportation, it has also been used for the military and used in businesses to import and export products.

Many inventors may have already built the airplane before the Wright brothers, but the two brothers are known to be the inventor of the plane because their plane was the first practical plane made. The other inventors proved to society that the plane was very possible and could be successful. So when the Wright brothers tested the “First Flight” people were very pleased to see a plane that worked.

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