The Allegory of the Cave

by mlalanalo
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Ancient History

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The Allegory of the Cave


The Allegory of the caveAllegory of the Cave, describes a cave where some prisioners can be found. Those prisioners have been kept in the cave for their entire life, so they don't know what is outside the world. As they are prisioners they are immobilized, they can't move their legs nor their necks. We can fine other elements in the cave:

a fire, which is behind the prisioners and a raised walkaway. With the light of the fire, the shadows of the persons that walk in the walkaway, are reflected on the only wall that prisioners can see. Then if we imagine that one of the prisioners was to be freed and see the fire and the sunlight, he would realised what reality was. However, when he turns around to tell the truth to other prisioners the don't believe him, because other prisioners think that the only real things are the shadows reflected on the wall.


ConclusionIn conclusion, The Allegory of the cave questions how we know something is real. This tale is Plato`s philosophy of reality. The exit from the cave means the true undestanding.


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