The Allagash Abductions

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The Allagash Abductions

Hayleigh Dixon

The Allagash AbductionsThe Allagash Abductions is a multiple case alien abduction. It involes four artist friends from college. They were out on the Allagash Waterways when the event occured.

On the Shore?After seeing the bizarre flying spacecraft, the friends decided to row away as quickly as possible. After only a few seconds, they were back on the shore. What's even stranger is that they made a huge fire that would've lasted for hours, but when they were on the shore, the fire was out.

Most people don't believe in aliens. They think that if something was actually out there, then wouldn't it have already contacted us publicly? But these four friends say otherwise. In fact, they claim that they were abducted on a calm peaceful night out on a fishing trip.

The Allagash Abductions

All Tests?After the incedent, one of the twins thought something was odd about that night. He got the group to have a hypnosis session. While under, they all remembered the same things. After the session, they did several lie detector tests. All of them passed.

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