The Alhambra

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The Alhambra

There are some events in the Alhambra, like:Free concerts; "Music and humanity heritage"Free tours: in the Bellas Artes museum and the palace of Carlos VFree cultural activities for families: related to important historical people.

Yusuf ibn Nagrela buit  a fortress-palace in the hill of Sabika.In 1238, Muhammad ibn Nasr  took Granada and he made  the first nucleous of the palace.The gardens and pavilions were built between 1314 and 1325, but most important things were built during 1333 and 1354.After the Christian conquest of the city in 1492, the conquerors began to alter the Alhambra.


The Alhambra is one of the UNESCO Europe heritage.It's a monument located in one hill of Granada, called Sabika.It has some gardens, palaces and fortress.

It has six palaces, five of which were grouped in the northeast quadrant forming a royal quarter, two circuit towers, and numerous bathhouses.It has a red colour in its façade.It occupes 105.000 m2.

Mostly, the people that visited it thought that it is so beautiful and impressing, with a very interesting history.It has very good critics and people usually want to come back and learn more about the diferents cultures.

Who was the last muslim king of Granada?How many palaces has the Alhambra?What did the christans do with the Alhambra after conquering Granada?When did Catholic kings conquer Granada?In which part of Granada is located the Alhambra?What activities can you do for free?


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