The Algonquins

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The Algonquins

The Algonquins

How the Tribe was set upThe tribe was set up by everybody because they all had a different part. The women made the rope, the men hunted for food, and the children helped keep the fires going so it can be warm in the village.

What kinds of Homes did they have? Summer Homes: In the summer villages were usually located near water. People lived in smaller villages.

By: Ali.C and Megan.K

What kinds of Homes did they have? Winter Homes: In the winter seasons they usually were in larger villages for warmth.

What did the Algonquins eat?The food that they ate were either harvested crops or dead animal meat. They would hunt for fox, fish and other big animals.

FactsAn interesting fact is that the Native Americans loved to trade things and give gifts.

Arts and CraftsThey made a wampom braclet belt and necklessalso bowls made out of bark

ClothesIn the summer the girls and women wore shirts and skirts made out of straw and fox skin. The men in the winter wore fur robes made out of bear skin.The materials were animal skin, straw,and sometimes bones.

What did they hunt ?They hunted and gathered crops like corn, beans and different kinds of squash.They also hunted for animals like squirrel, deer, fox and bear.

CelebrationsThe games and celebrations they played were who can run the fastest and throw the weapon the farthest. The girls also played with dolls and dressed them up like their tribe. They also played lacrosse but differently from today they had more players on each team.


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