The Algonquin Tribe

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The Algonquin Tribe

The Algonquin TribeBy Darren & Kaia

The Algonquin tribe had their homes close to the gate and left a circle of space in the middle to meet. They also had the plants right outside the gate. they set up their village near a stream and trees.

The Tribal GovenmentThe tribe was led by a sachem that means chief. He/she made the rules but always talked with the council, the leading members of the tribe, first.

Most algonquin homes were wigwams. They were made out of young trees called saplings. In the winter the larger villages would move to a warmer area with a lot of firewood.

FOODThe tribe ate deer, fish, bear, moose, corn, pumpkin, and squash.

They hunted with nets, bows and arrows, and spears. They used every part of the animal. Because it was their way of thanking nature for the resources.

Women wore a shirt and skirt. Men wore a kind of apron in the summer. They used feathers and animal skin to make their clothes.


They made the things they needed from what they found in nature like wood.

Each year the Algonquins would honor the corn. They did this because they belived that the corn were great spirits.

Did you know?Lacrosse was invented by the Algonquins. It was different from the lacrosse that you know today. The game was rougher and had fewer rules. There could be up to 500 men on each side!


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