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The Alchemyst


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By: Michael Scott.

TheSecrets ofthe Inmortal Nicholas Flamel



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The book of Abraham the Madge.

My favorite scene:

Josh Newman works at this bookstore, to him it's an ordinary bookstore in San Fransico on a hot summer day. But he doesn't know that this bookstore holds a very inportant book that is about to change his life as well as his sisters' life. This starts when Dee tries to steal " The book of Abraham the Madge," this book contains many things but theres only one thing Dee wants, the formula to destroy the world. Dee atempts to steal the book and Flamel is unable to stop him. "You loose, Nicholas..." Dee is satisfied. His joy quickly vanishes when he realizes that the book is missing the Finnal Summoning, which makes the book useless.

Intresting Character:


"It was an ordinary face- perhaps the cheekbones were a little too prominent, the chin a little too pointed- but the emerald colored eyes caught and held one's attention..." My intresting character is Scathach also known as "Scatty." She is an inresting character because not only is she a two-thousand-year-old warrior and just looks like a sixteen year-old girl, she is also a vampire. She has fought more than a thousand warriors alone.

Something I would cange about this book, I would take out some characters. This book had many characthers and it sometimes got very confusing. Otherwise this was a very intresting book!

Something I would change:

The resolution; well this book isn't really solved at the end because it is a series of books but the resolution is that Sophie and Josh are the two twins that are mentioned in "The book of Abraham the Madge." So Flamel decided to "wake up" their powers so they can save the world.


The conflict is that Dee steals the book of "Abraham the Madge." This is a serious thing because Dee can destroy the human race and take charge of the world.


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