The Alchemist

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The Alchemist

The theme in this book is all revolving around destiny and personal conquest. Santiago is told that he is to discover his destiny by travelling to the pyramids, but along the way, I started to think maybe it is more about the journey rather than the destination. He met his dream woman, meets a plethora of interesting people, all the while learning lessons about himself and others.

SantiagoThe Crystal MerchantThe AlchemistThe EnglishmanThe King of SalemFatimaCamel DriverThe MonkCaravan Leader


The Alchemist

Theme &Events

This story begins in Santiago's hometown of Antalusia. Santiago travels down the Arabian penninsula and ends up in his final destination in Egypt.


Someone's personal legend is in a way their destiny. It is something that you are natrually born to achieve it. As it was said in The Alchemist, it is your gateway to the soul of the world.


This book shows how Santiago is faced with the conflicts of having to give away some of his floks, take a risk with a thief and lose all his money, and work for year just to regain his money all to achieve his destiny.


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