The Alchemist

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The Alchemist

The Alchemistby Paulo Coelho


1. Follow your destiny, whatever that may be.2. Even when all hope seems lost, never give up.3. Nothing good comes easy4. You can do anything if you set your mind to it.5. Enjoy your life and travel, but don't take your "sheep" for granted.



The Alchemist began in the familiar cities of Spain, but quickly traveled to a foreign marketplace in Africa. Santiago then ventured across the desert, where he stopped at an oasis. Santiago went all the way to the Egyptian Pyramids, and came all the way back to Spain, where the story started.

1. Santiago's desires (his sheep, Fatima) vs. his Personal Legend2. Englishman's reason for finding the alchemist vs. Santiago's reason3. Santiago's parents wanting him to be a preist, vs. Santiago wanting to travel, and becoming a shepard.


The Alchemist is about a shepard named Santiago, whose life was simple and happy until he had a reoccuring dream about a treasure. He visited an old woman that interpreted dreams. She told him that he would find the treasure at the Egyptian pyramids. The boy then talked to an old man, a king, that told him about Personal Legends, and how to achieve his. The boy went to Africa, but lost all of his money. He had to work for almost a year, and eventually earned enough money to go to the pyramids. On the way, he met a girl that he instantly knew he was met to be with. He also met a very wise man known as the alchemist. The alchemist helped him along his journey, and Santiago finally made it to the pyramids. There, a boy told him that he had a reoccuring dream about the place where Santiago starts the story. Santiago then knew where to find his treasure, and went all the way back to Spain to get it.

Santiago- A determined young man that left everything to chase his Personal LegendMelchizedek, King of Salem- The old man that encouraged Santiago to go get his treasure.The crystal merchant- Hired Santiago, and gave him the money to continue his journeyThe Englishman- Traveled to the oasis with Santiago, looking for the Alchemist.The Alchemist- A master in alchemy that helped Santiago with his Personal Legend.Fatima- A woman that Santiago met at the Oasis in the desert. They loved eachother and Santiago wants to return to her at the end of the book.



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